Even Good to Work Out To

I saw a YouTube video with a guy working out on this cool trampoline. I was mesmerized. It was in a professional gym with super athletes in the background, but then I read that you can get smaller ones for your backyard. It saves you a trip to a trampoline center and all the hassle of driving and parking. I loved the idea and set out to research the best brand and get something that would be delivered and installed. I am not up to assembly myself. Nevertheless, I was waiting on pins and needles for my new toy. I knew I would be enthralled.

I wanted to learn all the right moves and become somewhat of an expert so I could show off to friends. We love to kid each other about our “talents” since most of us our rather mundane souls. I wrote down all these new terms like straddle, pike, seat landing, full and half twist, double jumping, somersault, and flip. It seemed like it would be a rip roaring time. The problem was that I am not that coordinated and it took so long to get adapted. I wasn’t that motivated to exercise in this new fashion since I was such a novice. I always had to be pushed to do something new until I mastered it and it became part of my life. Would my investment in finding the best exercise trampoline sit idly or would I embrace its potential day one.

I spent all this money and had to find a solution. I didn’t want the thing staring me in the face, wagging an admonishing finger at Mr. Lazybones. But I am a bit ingenious so I had an answer. I would listen to my favorite TWRP songs while “working out.” Wow. It made a huge difference. I looked forward to my trampoline sessions now at least once a day. Now I am so into this new enterprise. I can recommend to others to get this bouncing device and start toning up and dropping unwanted pounds. Get fit and have fun is my new motto. Who knew that I would become an at-home athlete? Are there pros in the trampoline business?

When you get on a trampoline, your life is in its hands, but you soon learn to get control. A tuck jump is now too easy. My legs are getting stronger and my confidence is soaring. I am taking to it like a fish in water. And it is all taking place to the rockin’ music of my favorite band. It is not surprising that I have found to enjoy my passion. Why sit with earphones, legs outstretched, when you could be jumping for joy. While I am not yet a fanatic, I may be getting close. And it is all due to TWRP, my friends. I knew they were special the moment I first opened my ears and my heart to their magical sounds.

TWRP: Great No Matter Where You Hear Them

When you think of TWRP, the Toronto band, you think of the electro funk of the 80’s. Well, it is still around. Also known as Tupper Ware Remix Party, the sound is super cool featuring its own kind of interpretation of synth, rock, and fun. It draws inspiration from the instrumental side of things, sometimes adding the cheesiest campy lyrics. If you have been asleep for a couple of decades, the band has four colorful members, each with their own creative backstory: Doctor sung, Lord Phobos, Commander Meouch, and Havve Hogan. You get their Eps on line. Don’t miss Ladyworld, the Device, Guardians of the Zone, and 2nite, not to mention Believe in Your Dreams. You’ve got it covered now. You are in the know.

Now you can understand what I am talking about if you have stumbled upon this blog devoted to their music. Maybe you can catch them on tour. I’ll meet you there. Meanwhile I am listening to their latest album to get ready for an upcoming party. My friends are fairly casual and these get-togethers involve hanging out in the backyard drinking beer and listening to TWRP on portable party speakers. You can find out more about these handy devices here: https://www.outdoorlightandsound.com/best-features-todays-portable-party-speakers/. What could be better? I can listen to them on earphones, in my car, waiting in line, riding a bus, or just walking down the street. It doesn’t matter where you hear them. They are great.

I am always looking for new photos, videos, stories and tales. If you are a fan out there wanting to help me, let me hear from you. In return, I will share what I know. I want to make sure I have not overlooked anything, but I doubt it given my obsession. I love their wild shows and they provide the perfect party music. Get those speakers out and invite me over! We can talk about their history. They debuted in 2011 and their first offering was Lazerhorse. It has been called a “melodic chiptune” — love it. Over the years, the band has gotten better and better. Need I say more? You must be enticed to find them by now. Check TWRP on YouTube and you see for yourself. They look as good as they sound—weird to the max. They are by no means run of the mill. Some people like the music more than the lyrics but I find that they add to a satisfying total. I wouldn’t want one without the other. One final addendum: you won’t find the likes of this group anywhere on the music scene today. Oddly enough, the fans don’t look anything like them. I guess they feel it would reduce their impact and power.

While my friends and I don’t have that many albums given their output, the party ends early unless we want to hear them a second time. We sit and talk and break up around midnight. It all starts again the following weekend.

My Hangover Cure

I am about to confess something. It is time to get a little personal in this blog. It’s meant to reveal my not-so-secret passion for the band TWRP, but there are times when it’s okay to say more. I know that when I read other people’s blogs, I enjoy their tips on living a better life and how they survive certain dilemmas and negative incidents. I derive support from fellow travelers, even those who ignore my favorite group. Now I am going to offer you some advice. When you come back from a club or concert, after you have been drinking for hours, what do you do to avoid a hangover? I know what to do in the morning, but not a good preventative. It seems inevitable if I cross my tolerance line. The best I can do is try to get a good night’s sleep. Plus, I drink two bottles of water before bed and take Vitamin C.

It is okay to be groggy after 2:00 am, but in the morning, you want some relief. I drink more water, two cups of coffee, a piece of dry unbuttered toast, and jump in a long, hot shower. This is my personal hangover cure. I’m lucky that my apartment has one of the best tankless gas water heater models, so that I never run out of hot water. I hear that eating breakfast helps diminish the symptoms, but it doesn’t work for me. I need to be jarred awake by the flow of the shower head. I turn it to the massage setting. If I am really in need of help, I listen to TWRP on the waterproof shower speakers. It lifts my spirits and sends the headache down the drain.

Friends tell me also to drink tomato juice upon arising instead of the more acidic orange version which can turn your already delicate stomach. If you have eaten along with your alcoholic beverages, it helps stave off the worst hangovers. I even heard that a raw egg in the tomato juice gives you an instant injection of protein. My cure works just fine for the moment. I would stay away from drinking after sunrise even though it is an old wives’ tale of a cure. How can adding more to your drenched body be of help? I beg to differ.

If you suffer bad headaches in the morning, it is time to make a change in your nighttime habits. No one wants to go through life like this. Have a good time at the concert, but think about the consequences. Don’t imitate what other people do. You are your own man, or woman. By the way, there are lots of articles on the Internet about alternative treatments including herbs. It is all about soothing the stomach after you recklessly tossed back too many. I do like the suggestion of eating a banana if your potassium is low. No wonder the fruit is called the “world’s perfect food” as it is a nausea-fighting natural antacid. It contains magnesium which relaxes blood vessels to ease a pounding headache. Some say eat it with honey as the fructose will help metabolize any residual alcohol. There is a lot to know!

Dress the Part

I have faced challenges in my life but not all of them are crisis situations. Sometimes it is a challenge to deal with certain people at home or at work. Other times it is difficult to come to terms with a personal setback. Most of the time in my happy life, it is a simple matter of solving a problem. These can be profane or profound. I am sure you can all relate. We all have different dynamics. A lot of mine revolve around my interests such as the band TWRP from Toronto, the home of unreal music. If you are not a fan, let me convert you. Find out more online about this futuristic elite group.

Tupper Ware Remix Party is the name of the game for this inventive team of rock stars of the first order with fun identities such as Captain Meouch, Haave Hogan, Lord Phobos and Dr. Sung. They have worked hard to create novel characters with full pasts. Knowing the history, albeit manufactured, is a big part of the fun. Of course, I also love the music. It is out there on another plane. Listen for yourself and find out. Grab one of their five Eps: Ladyworld, Guardians of the Zone, the Device, 2nite, and Believe in Your Dreams. Have a great time. If you love cheesy lyrics with wild instrumentals, the likes of which you have never heard before, you will certainly enjoy them as I do. It is a hoot how they take an eighties/nineties vibe and make it their own.
The challenge I mentioned at the top of this blog was devising a mask that would look like one of the band members. I didn’t have a preference at first until I had the makings of this item in hand. Since the group has a futuristic vibe, I hit on the idea of designing custom welding helmets to wear to the party. I had a party to go to and wanted to really dress the part, however outlandish. Take a look but I will describe the mask the best I can. One looks like a wild cat while another looks like a vacuum cleaner canister turned upside down. Still another is a metal mix resembling a character from your worst nightmare. This project is going to be super fun. A welding mask is a great start as it is already futuristic and a bit intimidating. Some are weird black plastic masses beyond anything a sci-fi writer could dream up. I won’t have to do much to it.

The challenge was met, the party was the best, the music was my favorite, and what more could you want. I looked right, better than most who did not have my ingenuity in using a welding mask. I guess I will keep it for another time or perhaps try a different persona. It is a bit like Halloween when you go to a concert or fan party.

If You Like TWRP, You’ll Love…

Most bands are described in relation to a lot of other bands these days. A band will compare itself to a good portion of some of the most popular bands that are similar to itself. This is the kind of thing that you’re going to see with TWRP, no matter how unique it is.

The members of TWRP themselves have compared TWRP to Iron Maiden. I definitely can hear some resemblance, even though I like TWRP better of course. If you really are a fan of Iron Maiden, you will still probably love the sound of TWRP. TWRP has the kind of raw power that a lot of people love about Iron Maiden to begin with, and this is going to make a lot of people want to tune in to enjoy what TWRP has to offer.

TWRP has kind of a ‘funk’ sound. They know this, because they have compared their sound to a famous funk band before. Parliament is a funk band from the 1970’s that not a lot of people know about today unless they’re huge funk fans themselves. The fact that the great TWRP members know about Parliament really speaks to the fact that they’re such huge and successful music fans themselves. If you love Parliament, you probably will love TWRP. TWRP might make you love Parliament if you have never tried it before.

TWRP’s sound has also been compared to the sound of Daft Punk, and that’s really the kind of thing that will get a lot of people excited. Daft Punk is a more recent group than Parliament. More people are familiar with this electronic group. Daft Punk also has the science fiction motifs that have really helped to make TWRP so famous today, and that’s probably another reason why a lot of people compare the two groups so much. They are fairly similar in terms of their sound in a lot of ways, so that’s true. However, it’s also possible to get a lot of commonalities when it comes to the way that the members all dress and the way that everyone acts. TWRP offers a lot of what made Daft Punk great.

Justice is another electronic duo that people have said is similar to TWRP. TWRP has said the same thing, so this is something that they’re really confident about, and they like being in such good company. I would definitely say that if you really like the raw power of Justice, you will probably love TWRP. TWRP has a lot of things going for it. TWRP certainly manages to combine a lot of great musical sounds all at once. It has the futuristic feel of electronic music. It has the raw power of heavy metal. It also has the strangeness and lightheartedness of funk. Getting all of those sounds at once is special, and that’s what TWRP has. You’re still never going to get a band that is quite as weird as TWRP in every way.

It’s Bad When Not Even TWRP is Cheering Me Up

I get depressed from time to time and it can be of concern. I am devoting this blog to the subject because I know many people are victims of this negative condition and want to hear how others cope. Let this entry today serve as a kind of verbal mutual support. Depression can rear its ugly head anywhere and at any time. Tell me about yours. I think it can come from an inherited gene or a predisposition. It is not always severe or “clinical.” With me, I get mood changes after a week of rainy, dreary days. Lack of sunlight is a common culprit for seasonal depression (also called SAD), according to https://www.berightlight.com/lack-sunlight-actually-cause-depression/. You feel low in energy and hopeless with no thought to the future. For some, it feels like the end of the world. Fortunately, I know it is temporary and will disappear come spring and summer.

I know that I am deep in it when not even my favorite TWTRP albums can lift my foul mood. I analyze my life at these times to try to determine any other cause. I get introspective. I think about work, my family, friends and social life. Have I been taking enough time off and pursuing creative endeavors? Have I been reclusive and in need of stimulating conversation? What am I eating and do I get sufficient exercise? There are many symptoms depending upon your nature. Some types of depression are accompanied by anxiety. It is an uncomfortable state of affairs to be sure. I usually resort to music as therapy and not medication. If your depression is long-lasting, this may be an answer. There are a million second generation drugs like Paxil, Zoloft, Effexor, and the like. It used to be Prozac in the old days and it is still around.

Therapy may be a preferable answer if you worry about side effects and the way that these medications alter the brain. While it is for the better, but then it is hard to get off them when you are well. During a therapy session, you can talk about what issues are keeping you down and why you can’t function or sleep. Many people overeat while others starve themselves. A therapist can help you redirect your thoughts and alter your behavior. How you respond to the depression can make a world of difference.

I hear that light therapy can help those who live in dark climates or have episodes of bad weather like I have been experiencing. It is the number one method in Norway, Finland, and Sweden. There are many depressives there due to the weather. If you are in a room with certain types of lighting, it can help ameliorate a situation of sunlight deprivation. If I go for this remedy, I want to listen to TWTRP while I am in the room. I am not kidding! It will have a double impact.

TWRP Fans are the Best

I am getting ready for a business trip with great anticipation. My special business travel backpack is already packed. I know that during the course of my meetings, I will get together with some fellow TWRP fans I met on a message board. These devotees are better than my friends at home in terms of their level of adulation. If you are clueless, I will tell you about — passion – Tupperware Remix Party. Such a cool name for a band, don’t you think? How on earth did they come up with this one? It is not something the fans question; we just accept it and move on. We talk about their latest offering, Ladyworld. If you are curious, look it up on Facebook.

What the fans discuss most of all is how weird the group is—in a good way. This is no run-of-the-mill band, my friends. Just read the colorful back stories and you will soon find out. It all seems out of some strange world and pure fiction, but it is not all pure invention. Well, maybe a lot. Knowing the members intimately is as much fun as listening to the music. Watching them is even better. Commander Meouch dons a lion’s head before playing his bass. The drummer, Havve Hogan, is pure Star Wards. Then there is Lord Phobos who looks like an alien from another civilization although his fabulous guitar riffs are acquired in the here and now. And what about that old-timer Doctor Sung? You couldn’t concoct this madness if you tried. TWRP has it all.

The music oddly enough has an old eighties and nineties vibe in spite of the novel never-seen-before gimmicks. It is wildly effective as entertainment going back and forward in time. Be sure to find out for yourself. There is nothing like this band on the scene today. The music is old and it is new imbued with a science fiction element. The guys are anything but boring on stage. A live concert is a spectacle for sure. It is hard to pinpoint them as a genre. They are on their own and far out there.

Okay, you have their appeal in a nutshell. They are super weird, but you don’t have to be to like them. The fans are normal enough. I am often surprised at their following: a mix of teens with advanced taste, conservative business types, and soccer moms. Count me in at the head of the line. I always have an album or two in my backpack so I can share with newcomers to this wild band experience. Yes, people are most often surprised, but most of all when they see photos or videos of the group in action. Then when you read the on-going back stories, you understand. With residents like these guys, Toronto is making the music scene come alive in Canada. Synth, rock, and funk are part of something hybrid and appealing with cheesy lyrics and cool sounds.

Best TWRP Songs

If you like TWRP songs, you will probably have your own list of favorites. I really am not saying that these are objectively the best songs of TWRP. I’m a big enough fan of TWRP that I probably like most of their songs. Still, even when you are a super-fan like me, you are going to have a lot of songs that will really work wonders for your mood, even after you listen to the same song a hundred thousand times.

Believe in Your Dreams is still probably one of my favorite TWRP songs. Yes, it probably has one of the least interesting titles of any TWRP song. Yes, it does have the sort of theme that has been covered a million times by a lot of different artists. I really don’t care. I still think that they explore that theme about a million times better than a lot of artists who are all working on creating the same kind of sound.

“Rock N Roll Best Friends” is another one of my favorite TWRP songs. I like songs that are about friendship as opposed to romance. It seems like almost all other songs are all about romance, and it’s great to find something that doesn’t fit into that. I also really like the fact that the members of TWRP seem to really get along and that they don’t have a lot of the really nasty conflicts that some members of bands will have. This is a song that seems to be about them, and I really have always loved that.

“Groove Crusaders” is also probably one of the best TWRP songs. In an alternate universe, TWRP is actually a popular cartoon show and not just the band. “Groove Crusaders” would be the cool theme song for the show that none of us would be able to get out of our heads for years, kind of like the theme song to Duck Tales, which I still have in my head to this day in spite of the fact that I haven’t watched the show in years. People who have never seen the show have the song in their heads because they saw it on YouTube the one time. “Groove Crusaders” is like that. It’s hard to go wrong with a song that is really that catchy.

“Atomic Karate” is really awesome because it helps you to see how all of the different back stories of the band fit together. It really cuts into some of the things that make this such a unique band, and that is one of the best things about them. It highlights all of the things that will always make TWRP special to everyone.

Why I Love TWRP

If you haven’t heard of TupperWare Remix Party, you have now, and it’s something that you should start listening to right away! This is seriously my favorite band, and I’ve been trying to give it more press by myself for a while now. More people should be listening to TupperWare Remix Party, which is abbreviated as TWRP.

You might like the name or you might not, but I love it and I think that a lot of people will feel the same. If you don’t like it, then I think that TWRP will work well enough. You can’t have a problem with those four letters. If they’re kind of hard to type, it gets easier as you go along. I love that they came up with the name for the band just when one of the members started saying those random words in that random order. It doesn’t feel as random now.

I really always have liked the band names that seem different and that don’t seem like something that you could have come up with in your sleep. Don’t name a band after yourself. Giving a band a weird name really signals that the rest of the band is going to be weird too, and you better live up to that. TWRP definitely lives up to its weird and random name.

One of the reasons why I like these guys so much is that they’re so weird. If you really are getting tired of the bands that all sound the same even when they’re trying not to sound the same, these are some of the best musicians that you can listen to, and I barely feel like I’m making that up. Some people might not like TWRP, but everyone is probably going to agree about how really weird they are.

These guys have a science fiction vibe to all of their stuff. There are times where it really does feel like a bunch of aliens wrote their songs, and it’s hard to go wrong with that in my book. I really have always wanted to know what kind of songs aliens would write. If you’ve ever wondered about that, you should really think about trying out TWRP.

The thing is, one of the great things about TWRP is that they’re really weird, but they are kind of familiar at the same time. A lot of their stuff has this strong 1980’s and 1990’s vibe to it. This is a band that feels like it’s from the future. It also feels like you are going back in time when you listen to it. It’s really hard to resist a combination like that!

Basically, if you really want something that’s different, you really will love TWRP. This is the kind of music group that seems to pride itself on the fact that there is nothing like it out there, and there really is nothing like it out there. TWRP has the kind of sound that people will like, though, since the sound of 1980’s and 1990’s music is time-tested and it has been around for a long time by this point. People have loved it for decades now. They will certainly love the strange combination of characteristics that TWRP has to offer.

You see a lot of bands today that don’t really fit in one genre. I can’t even remember the last time that a band just had one genre listed when it came to the genre that it fit into, since so many of these genres have crossed each other by this point. You can’t just be a rock band these days. You have to belong to these dozen sub-genres of rock or it doesn’t count, or that’s the way it feels for me.

The Bizarre Band Members of TWRP

It’s hard to get any weirder than the TWRP members. These are guys who really felt like giving themselves strange back stories and pretending that they were part of a weird genre fiction story. When you hear about them, it’s actually easy to get sucked into all of it, pretending that this is the case. This is just the kind of thing that can let your imagination run wild.

Commander Meouch walks around in a lion’s head and is otherwise human. You feel like you’re watching a bass player from some bizarre urban fantasy story. Havve Hogan is a drummer who looks like some sort of soldier from Star Wars. Lord Phobos is an alien from an advanced civilization, and given his guitar skills, it looks like this is the case. Doctor Sung is billions of years old. Honestly, I really wish there was a science fiction series about all of these guys and that their back stories were all real.

I love the idea of a couple of aliens, an immortal, and a half-lion getting a band together and everyone thinking that these were just gimmicks but in reality, the gimmicks were real. There are lots of band guys who will come up with gimmicks like this. These guys really stick with them, which is great. The costumes are all over their packaging and merchandise. They wear their costumes on stage. They really don’t like to break character, and I think that’s cool. It really makes them feel completely different.

The fact that they use all of these timeless ideas helps. It will probably stop the band from becoming stale at any point. It’s hard to get over how weird these guys are. I really like the fact that they have the audacity to get away with all of this. It just adds another level of entertainment to all of their shows and to the songs. One of the best parts of watching the band perform live is the opportunity to actually see them all in character like this.

They like to change their back stories a lot, which is fun. It means that if you’re a really hardcore fan, you get to try to keep up with it and you get to learn about all of the different changes. That just adds another layer of entertainment to the whole thing.

Still, the guys are always themselves. They always wear all of the same colors on stage, and that actually just makes the whole thing that much better and easier to remember no matter how much everything else changes. TWRP can be hard to follow when it comes to the lore, but for me, that’s half the fun.

TWRP Song Lyrics

There are people who really care about the music part of the songs that they like. There are also people who tend to care more about the lyrics. Other people care about both pretty much equally. I really tend to focus more on the music itself than the lyrics, but I still do care about the lyrics and the quality of the lyrics can have a huge effect on whether or not I actually like a song.

TWRP is a band that is more known for its sound than its lyrics. Still, a lot of people do care about the lyrics and people want to be able to enjoy the combination of the two. I really have always enjoyed both, and I disagree with some of the criticisms that people have made about the lyrics.

There are some people who think that the lyrics for TWRP songs are all hopelessly and inherently cheesy. I really think that this is subjective. I think that they have written an awkward lyric here and there. Some of their songs are actually supposed to be cheesy, so if they are cheesy, they’re actually doing it right. However, the songs that are supposed to be more serious work, at least in my opinion.

A lot of times, you can’t even really understand the lyrics of TWRP songs. The underlying chords and music will be too loud that you actually have to look up the lyrics. This has been the case with me. I actually thought that this was a lot of fun. Discovering all of the new lyrics of TWRP has awesome, and it really helped to remind me of all of the reasons why I started liking a band like this in the first place.

Some people think that all song lyrics are cheesy. They think that the rhymes and many of the other parts of the song are too predictable no matter what. I really don’t think that this is the case. TWRP has written lots of great lyrics. Some of them are supposed to be silly. Some of them are really serious. All of them are really good.