The Bizarre Band Members of TWRP

It’s hard to get any weirder than the TWRP members. These are guys who really felt like giving themselves strange back stories and pretending that they were part of a weird genre fiction story. When you hear about them, it’s actually easy to get sucked into all of it, pretending that this is the case. This is just the kind of thing that can let your imagination run wild.

Commander Meouch walks around in a lion’s head and is otherwise human. You feel like you’re watching a bass player from some bizarre urban fantasy story. Havve Hogan is a drummer who looks like some sort of soldier from Star Wars. Lord Phobos is an alien from an advanced civilization, and given his guitar skills, it looks like this is the case. Doctor Sung is billions of years old. Honestly, I really wish there was a science fiction series about all of these guys and that their back stories were all real.

I love the idea of a couple of aliens, an immortal, and a half-lion getting a band together and everyone thinking that these were just gimmicks but in reality, the gimmicks were real. There are lots of band guys who will come up with gimmicks like this. These guys really stick with them, which is great. The costumes are all over their packaging and merchandise. They wear their costumes on stage. They really don’t like to break character, and I think that’s cool. It really makes them feel completely different.

The fact that they use all of these timeless ideas helps. It will probably stop the band from becoming stale at any point. It’s hard to get over how weird these guys are. I really like the fact that they have the audacity to get away with all of this. It just adds another level of entertainment to all of their shows and to the songs. One of the best parts of watching the band perform live is the opportunity to actually see them all in character like this.

They like to change their back stories a lot, which is fun. It means that if you’re a really hardcore fan, you get to try to keep up with it and you get to learn about all of the different changes. That just adds another layer of entertainment to the whole thing.

Still, the guys are always themselves. They always wear all of the same colors on stage, and that actually just makes the whole thing that much better and easier to remember no matter how much everything else changes. TWRP can be hard to follow when it comes to the lore, but for me, that’s half the fun.