Best TWRP Songs

If you like TWRP songs, you will probably have your own list of favorites. I really am not saying that these are objectively the best songs of TWRP. I’m a big enough fan of TWRP that I probably like most of their songs. Still, even when you are a super-fan like me, you are going to have a lot of songs that will really work wonders for your mood, even after you listen to the same song a hundred thousand times.

Believe in Your Dreams is still probably one of my favorite TWRP songs. Yes, it probably has one of the least interesting titles of any TWRP song. Yes, it does have the sort of theme that has been covered a million times by a lot of different artists. I really don’t care. I still think that they explore that theme about a million times better than a lot of artists who are all working on creating the same kind of sound.

“Rock N Roll Best Friends” is another one of my favorite TWRP songs. I like songs that are about friendship as opposed to romance. It seems like almost all other songs are all about romance, and it’s great to find something that doesn’t fit into that. I also really like the fact that the members of TWRP seem to really get along and that they don’t have a lot of the really nasty conflicts that some members of bands will have. This is a song that seems to be about them, and I really have always loved that.

“Groove Crusaders” is also probably one of the best TWRP songs. In an alternate universe, TWRP is actually a popular cartoon show and not just the band. “Groove Crusaders” would be the cool theme song for the show that none of us would be able to get out of our heads for years, kind of like the theme song to Duck Tales, which I still have in my head to this day in spite of the fact that I haven’t watched the show in years. People who have never seen the show have the song in their heads because they saw it on YouTube the one time. “Groove Crusaders” is like that. It’s hard to go wrong with a song that is really that catchy.

“Atomic Karate” is really awesome because it helps you to see how all of the different back stories of the band fit together. It really cuts into some of the things that make this such a unique band, and that is one of the best things about them. It highlights all of the things that will always make TWRP special to everyone.