TWRP Fans are the Best

I am getting ready for a business trip with great anticipation. My special business travel backpack is already packed. I know that during the course of my meetings, I will get together with some fellow TWRP fans I met on a message board. These devotees are better than my friends at home in terms of their level of adulation. If you are clueless, I will tell you about — passion – Tupperware Remix Party. Such a cool name for a band, don’t you think? How on earth did they come up with this one? It is not something the fans question; we just accept it and move on. We talk about their latest offering, Ladyworld. If you are curious, look it up on Facebook.

What the fans discuss most of all is how weird the group is—in a good way. This is no run-of-the-mill band, my friends. Just read the colorful back stories and you will soon find out. It all seems out of some strange world and pure fiction, but it is not all pure invention. Well, maybe a lot. Knowing the members intimately is as much fun as listening to the music. Watching them is even better. Commander Meouch dons a lion’s head before playing his bass. The drummer, Havve Hogan, is pure Star Wards. Then there is Lord Phobos who looks like an alien from another civilization although his fabulous guitar riffs are acquired in the here and now. And what about that old-timer Doctor Sung? You couldn’t concoct this madness if you tried. TWRP has it all.

The music oddly enough has an old eighties and nineties vibe in spite of the novel never-seen-before gimmicks. It is wildly effective as entertainment going back and forward in time. Be sure to find out for yourself. There is nothing like this band on the scene today. The music is old and it is new imbued with a science fiction element. The guys are anything but boring on stage. A live concert is a spectacle for sure. It is hard to pinpoint them as a genre. They are on their own and far out there.

Okay, you have their appeal in a nutshell. They are super weird, but you don’t have to be to like them. The fans are normal enough. I am often surprised at their following: a mix of teens with advanced taste, conservative business types, and soccer moms. Count me in at the head of the line. I always have an album or two in my backpack so I can share with newcomers to this wild band experience. Yes, people are most often surprised, but most of all when they see photos or videos of the group in action. Then when you read the on-going back stories, you understand. With residents like these guys, Toronto is making the music scene come alive in Canada. Synth, rock, and funk are part of something hybrid and appealing with cheesy lyrics and cool sounds.