If You Like TWRP, You’ll Love…

Most bands are described in relation to a lot of other bands these days. A band will compare itself to a good portion of some of the most popular bands that are similar to itself. This is the kind of thing that you’re going to see with TWRP, no matter how unique it is.

The members of TWRP themselves have compared TWRP to Iron Maiden. I definitely can hear some resemblance, even though I like TWRP better of course. If you really are a fan of Iron Maiden, you will still probably love the sound of TWRP. TWRP has the kind of raw power that a lot of people love about Iron Maiden to begin with, and this is going to make a lot of people want to tune in to enjoy what TWRP has to offer.

TWRP has kind of a ‘funk’ sound. They know this, because they have compared their sound to a famous funk band before. Parliament is a funk band from the 1970’s that not a lot of people know about today unless they’re huge funk fans themselves. The fact that the great TWRP members know about Parliament really speaks to the fact that they’re such huge and successful music fans themselves. If you love Parliament, you probably will love TWRP. TWRP might make you love Parliament if you have never tried it before.

TWRP’s sound has also been compared to the sound of Daft Punk, and that’s really the kind of thing that will get a lot of people excited. Daft Punk is a more recent group than Parliament. More people are familiar with this electronic group. Daft Punk also has the science fiction motifs that have really helped to make TWRP so famous today, and that’s probably another reason why a lot of people compare the two groups so much. They are fairly similar in terms of their sound in a lot of ways, so that’s true. However, it’s also possible to get a lot of commonalities when it comes to the way that the members all dress and the way that everyone acts. TWRP offers a lot of what made Daft Punk great.

Justice is another electronic duo that people have said is similar to TWRP. TWRP has said the same thing, so this is something that they’re really confident about, and they like being in such good company. I would definitely say that if you really like the raw power of Justice, you will probably love TWRP. TWRP has a lot of things going for it. TWRP certainly manages to combine a lot of great musical sounds all at once. It has the futuristic feel of electronic music. It has the raw power of heavy metal. It also has the strangeness and lightheartedness of funk. Getting all of those sounds at once is special, and that’s what TWRP has. You’re still never going to get a band that is quite as weird as TWRP in every way.