It’s Bad When Not Even TWRP is Cheering Me Up

I get depressed from time to time and it can be of concern. I am devoting this blog to the subject because I know many people are victims of this negative condition and want to hear how others cope. Let this entry today serve as a kind of verbal mutual support. Depression can rear its ugly head anywhere and at any time. Tell me about yours. I think it can come from an inherited gene or a predisposition. It is not always severe or “clinical.” With me, I get mood changes after a week of rainy, dreary days. Lack of sunlight is a common culprit for seasonal depression (also called SAD), according to You feel low in energy and hopeless with no thought to the future. For some, it feels like the end of the world. Fortunately, I know it is temporary and will disappear come spring and summer.

I know that I am deep in it when not even my favorite TWTRP albums can lift my foul mood. I analyze my life at these times to try to determine any other cause. I get introspective. I think about work, my family, friends and social life. Have I been taking enough time off and pursuing creative endeavors? Have I been reclusive and in need of stimulating conversation? What am I eating and do I get sufficient exercise? There are many symptoms depending upon your nature. Some types of depression are accompanied by anxiety. It is an uncomfortable state of affairs to be sure. I usually resort to music as therapy and not medication. If your depression is long-lasting, this may be an answer. There are a million second generation drugs like Paxil, Zoloft, Effexor, and the like. It used to be Prozac in the old days and it is still around.

Therapy may be a preferable answer if you worry about side effects and the way that these medications alter the brain. While it is for the better, but then it is hard to get off them when you are well. During a therapy session, you can talk about what issues are keeping you down and why you can’t function or sleep. Many people overeat while others starve themselves. A therapist can help you redirect your thoughts and alter your behavior. How you respond to the depression can make a world of difference.

I hear that light therapy can help those who live in dark climates or have episodes of bad weather like I have been experiencing. It is the number one method in Norway, Finland, and Sweden. There are many depressives there due to the weather. If you are in a room with certain types of lighting, it can help ameliorate a situation of sunlight deprivation. If I go for this remedy, I want to listen to TWTRP while I am in the room. I am not kidding! It will have a double impact.