Dress the Part

I have faced challenges in my life but not all of them are crisis situations. Sometimes it is a challenge to deal with certain people at home or at work. Other times it is difficult to come to terms with a personal setback. Most of the time in my happy life, it is a simple matter of solving a problem. These can be profane or profound. I am sure you can all relate. We all have different dynamics. A lot of mine revolve around my interests such as the band TWRP from Toronto, the home of unreal music. If you are not a fan, let me convert you. Find out more online about this futuristic elite group.

Tupper Ware Remix Party is the name of the game for this inventive team of rock stars of the first order with fun identities such as Captain Meouch, Haave Hogan, Lord Phobos and Dr. Sung. They have worked hard to create novel characters with full pasts. Knowing the history, albeit manufactured, is a big part of the fun. Of course, I also love the music. It is out there on another plane. Listen for yourself and find out. Grab one of their five Eps: Ladyworld, Guardians of the Zone, the Device, 2nite, and Believe in Your Dreams. Have a great time. If you love cheesy lyrics with wild instrumentals, the likes of which you have never heard before, you will certainly enjoy them as I do. It is a hoot how they take an eighties/nineties vibe and make it their own.
The challenge I mentioned at the top of this blog was devising a mask that would look like one of the band members. I didn’t have a preference at first until I had the makings of this item in hand. Since the group has a futuristic vibe, I hit on the idea of designing custom welding helmets to wear to the party. I had a party to go to and wanted to really dress the part, however outlandish. Take a look but I will describe the mask the best I can. One looks like a wild cat while another looks like a vacuum cleaner canister turned upside down. Still another is a metal mix resembling a character from your worst nightmare. This project is going to be super fun. A welding mask is a great start as it is already futuristic and a bit intimidating. Some are weird black plastic masses beyond anything a sci-fi writer could dream up. I won’t have to do much to it.

The challenge was met, the party was the best, the music was my favorite, and what more could you want. I looked right, better than most who did not have my ingenuity in using a welding mask. I guess I will keep it for another time or perhaps try a different persona. It is a bit like Halloween when you go to a concert or fan party.