My Hangover Cure

I am about to confess something. It is time to get a little personal in this blog. It’s meant to reveal my not-so-secret passion for the band TWRP, but there are times when it’s okay to say more. I know that when I read other people’s blogs, I enjoy their tips on living a better life and how they survive certain dilemmas and negative incidents. I derive support from fellow travelers, even those who ignore my favorite group. Now I am going to offer you some advice. When you come back from a club or concert, after you have been drinking for hours, what do you do to avoid a hangover? I know what to do in the morning, but not a good preventative. It seems inevitable if I cross my tolerance line. The best I can do is try to get a good night’s sleep. Plus, I drink two bottles of water before bed and take Vitamin C.

It is okay to be groggy after 2:00 am, but in the morning, you want some relief. I drink more water, two cups of coffee, a piece of dry unbuttered toast, and jump in a long, hot shower. This is my personal hangover cure. I’m lucky that my apartment has one of the best tankless gas water heater models, so that I never run out of hot water. I hear that eating breakfast helps diminish the symptoms, but it doesn’t work for me. I need to be jarred awake by the flow of the shower head. I turn it to the massage setting. If I am really in need of help, I listen to TWRP on the waterproof shower speakers. It lifts my spirits and sends the headache down the drain.

Friends tell me also to drink tomato juice upon arising instead of the more acidic orange version which can turn your already delicate stomach. If you have eaten along with your alcoholic beverages, it helps stave off the worst hangovers. I even heard that a raw egg in the tomato juice gives you an instant injection of protein. My cure works just fine for the moment. I would stay away from drinking after sunrise even though it is an old wives’ tale of a cure. How can adding more to your drenched body be of help? I beg to differ.

If you suffer bad headaches in the morning, it is time to make a change in your nighttime habits. No one wants to go through life like this. Have a good time at the concert, but think about the consequences. Don’t imitate what other people do. You are your own man, or woman. By the way, there are lots of articles on the Internet about alternative treatments including herbs. It is all about soothing the stomach after you recklessly tossed back too many. I do like the suggestion of eating a banana if your potassium is low. No wonder the fruit is called the “world’s perfect food” as it is a nausea-fighting natural antacid. It contains magnesium which relaxes blood vessels to ease a pounding headache. Some say eat it with honey as the fructose will help metabolize any residual alcohol. There is a lot to know!