TWRP: Great No Matter Where You Hear Them

When you think of TWRP, the Toronto band, you think of the electro funk of the 80’s. Well, it is still around. Also known as Tupper Ware Remix Party, the sound is super cool featuring its own kind of interpretation of synth, rock, and fun. It draws inspiration from the instrumental side of things, sometimes adding the cheesiest campy lyrics. If you have been asleep for a couple of decades, the band has four colorful members, each with their own creative backstory: Doctor sung, Lord Phobos, Commander Meouch, and Havve Hogan. You get their Eps on line. Don’t miss Ladyworld, the Device, Guardians of the Zone, and 2nite, not to mention Believe in Your Dreams. You’ve got it covered now. You are in the know.

Now you can understand what I am talking about if you have stumbled upon this blog devoted to their music. Maybe you can catch them on tour. I’ll meet you there. Meanwhile I am listening to their latest album to get ready for an upcoming party. My friends are fairly casual and these get-togethers involve hanging out in the backyard drinking beer and listening to TWRP on portable party speakers. You can find out more about these handy devices here: What could be better? I can listen to them on earphones, in my car, waiting in line, riding a bus, or just walking down the street. It doesn’t matter where you hear them. They are great.

I am always looking for new photos, videos, stories and tales. If you are a fan out there wanting to help me, let me hear from you. In return, I will share what I know. I want to make sure I have not overlooked anything, but I doubt it given my obsession. I love their wild shows and they provide the perfect party music. Get those speakers out and invite me over! We can talk about their history. They debuted in 2011 and their first offering was Lazerhorse. It has been called a “melodic chiptune” — love it. Over the years, the band has gotten better and better. Need I say more? You must be enticed to find them by now. Check TWRP on YouTube and you see for yourself. They look as good as they sound—weird to the max. They are by no means run of the mill. Some people like the music more than the lyrics but I find that they add to a satisfying total. I wouldn’t want one without the other. One final addendum: you won’t find the likes of this group anywhere on the music scene today. Oddly enough, the fans don’t look anything like them. I guess they feel it would reduce their impact and power.

While my friends and I don’t have that many albums given their output, the party ends early unless we want to hear them a second time. We sit and talk and break up around midnight. It all starts again the following weekend.