Even Good to Work Out To

I saw a YouTube video with a guy working out on this cool trampoline. I was mesmerized. It was in a professional gym with super athletes in the background, but then I read that you can get smaller ones for your backyard. It saves you a trip to a trampoline center and all the hassle of driving and parking. I loved the idea and set out to research the best brand and get something that would be delivered and installed. I am not up to assembly myself. Nevertheless, I was waiting on pins and needles for my new toy. I knew I would be enthralled.

I wanted to learn all the right moves and become somewhat of an expert so I could show off to friends. We love to kid each other about our “talents” since most of us our rather mundane souls. I wrote down all these new terms like straddle, pike, seat landing, full and half twist, double jumping, somersault, and flip. It seemed like it would be a rip roaring time. The problem was that I am not that coordinated and it took so long to get adapted. I wasn’t that motivated to exercise in this new fashion since I was such a novice. I always had to be pushed to do something new until I mastered it and it became part of my life. Would my investment in finding the best exercise trampoline sit idly or would I embrace its potential day one.

I spent all this money and had to find a solution. I didn’t want the thing staring me in the face, wagging an admonishing finger at Mr. Lazybones. But I am a bit ingenious so I had an answer. I would listen to my favorite TWRP songs while “working out.” Wow. It made a huge difference. I looked forward to my trampoline sessions now at least once a day. Now I am so into this new enterprise. I can recommend to others to get this bouncing device and start toning up and dropping unwanted pounds. Get fit and have fun is my new motto. Who knew that I would become an at-home athlete? Are there pros in the trampoline business?

When you get on a trampoline, your life is in its hands, but you soon learn to get control. A tuck jump is now too easy. My legs are getting stronger and my confidence is soaring. I am taking to it like a fish in water. And it is all taking place to the rockin’ music of my favorite band. It is not surprising that I have found to enjoy my passion. Why sit with earphones, legs outstretched, when you could be jumping for joy. While I am not yet a fanatic, I may be getting close. And it is all due to TWRP, my friends. I knew they were special the moment I first opened my ears and my heart to their magical sounds.